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            This is a personal website filled with information.  This is a complete SPOILER website.  All the content is 2001-2003 Shoju Bayushi II.  The 'Bio' and 'Info' sections of character information are written from my perspective and it is not official.  You can read and believe whatever you want.  Like us Americans say, "It's a free country!"  However, it is not really a free country.  There are many, many rules and one of them says that no one can take something that is copyrighted.  All written contents are 2001-2003 Shoju Bayushi, and if you enter below, you are agreeing to not steal any of my past, current, and future writings.  You are also agreeing that you will not use my screenshots without giving credit to me and linking to my site.  All rights are reserved.  That's all for now.  Now enjoy my site and, in the words of wrestling legend, Mick Foley, "Have a nice day!"


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